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Massage Therapy Services


Six Session Intensive Series

The benefits of massage can increase significantly with frequency. This series offers 6 session to be used in 8 weeks for a significantly reduced per-session rate.


Integrative Massage

Get meaningful relief from stress and pain. Massage can calm, sooth, and eventually retrain your nervous system and help manage chronic pain.

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Six Session In-home Series

Buy at least 5 massage therapy sessions and I will leave a small table in your home and bring my services to you at your convenience!


Massage & Your Nervous System

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Chronic Pain

Get my blog series on the science and experience of chronic pain delivered to your inbox. Massage can’t cure your chronic pain but it might help. Find out how:

Depression & Anxiety

Massage has been shown to help manage mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Get my blog series in which I share my own experience delivered to your inbox.



Coming soon! A brief introduction to the concept of neurodivergence—especially ADHD and Auntism Spectrum Condition—and what massage has to offer to the neurodiversity community.


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