Marta Rose, MFA, LMT
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Helping you move through life with a little more comfort and ease


Massage Therapy Services


Integrative Therapeutic Massage

Get meaningful relief from stress, pain, anxiety, overwhelm, and other conditions affecting the nervous system.

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Creative Coaching + Theraepeutic Massage and/or Bodywork Consultation

Are you a stuck in your creative life? Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to move forward with your creative projects? Are anxiety or depression keeping you from your best creative self? A combination of creative coaching and therapeutic massage (for local folks) and/or bodywork consultation (for online clients and local folks seeking modalities I don’t offer) could be just what you need to craft the creative life you long for and deserve.

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Hi, I’m Marta: writer, artist, bodyworker, creativity coach, educator, activist, and general rabble-rouser.

I live in the Germantown section of Philadelphia where I make art, make a home, and practice therapeutic massage.

I also have a website called Wired for Creativity with resources, support and guidance for neurodivergent creatives looking to ditch overwhelm and craft the creative lives they long for and deserve.

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