Integrative Therapeutic Massage

I am a solo practitioner of integrative therapeutic massage, trained in Swedish Massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial work, prenatal massage, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and sports massage. My integrative therapeutic massage draws on all of these modalities, as well as some elements of Thai massage and Shiatsu. I do not offer a "menu" of different sorts of massage each with a different price; instead, I work in consultation with you to determine what your goals are, what your body and your nervous system need, and I design a massage session specifically geared to you, in that particular hour. 

I am particularly interested in offering bodywork designed to calm, soothe, and retrain your nervous system (more so than massage designed to heal your musculoskeletal system). My practice is especially effective for

  • clients who are managing anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders;
  • neurodiverse clients (ADHD, ASD, etc.);
  • clients managing chronic pain;
  • those who have suffered trauma;
  • anyone who generally feels stressed, overstimulated, and overwhelmed by the life they are living and the world we live in. 


Because I only offer one type of massage—that is, the specific massage you need in the time we spend together—my rates are very simple.

Basic session

My basic session is 75 minutes long, and at least 60 of those minutes will be hands-on work, while we will spend up to 15 minutes talking about your needs and goals.

I offer a sliding scale for this session of between $40 and $60, with the proviso that if you can't afford the lower end or if you have the resources to exceed the upper end, please let me know and we can work something out that fits your budget and your values. 

Extended Session

I offer an extended session of 105 minutes, at least 90 minutes of which will be hands-on work, with up to 15 minutes for talking about your needs and goals.

The price of an extended session is $90. In certain circumstances, when I feel there would be a significant therapeutic advantage to an extended session, I am able to offer a sliding scale, but generally I reserve the sliding scale for my basic session. 

Tipping & Sliding Scale Policies

Because I am in business for myself and I set my own rates, I do not accept tips. In addition, I do not offer or charge for any "add-ons," and there will be no "up-selling" of services or products. Therefore, the price you see is the price you get. Please keep this in mind when you are determining where you fall on the sliding scale.

While I do not accept tips, I do encourage you to either:

  • bump yourself up on the sliding scale to include the price of the tip that you would otherwise have given; or
  • make a donation to the sliding scale fund, which helps me offer extremely low-cost massages to those who can't afford even the bottom of the sliding scale.

My sliding scale is based on an honor system; you decide, session by session, what you can afford, and I will trust that your decision was made in good faith, with no shame, and no taking advantage. However, I do encourage you to use this decision as an opportunity to investigate your own values about money and how you chose to spend it, the relative value of your own resources, and the relative value you put on the healing nature of bodywork. I would also ask you to keep in mind that this is work I love and believe in, it is how I earn a modest, comfortable living, and it also pays my bills so that I can make art, which is my other vocation. 

Here is a link to one way to help you think about the sliding scale; there are many others, and I just encourage you to give it some thought and, as a wise friend often encourages, to "run it through your heart."