Welcome to my new blog, Homeostasis: Balance with a Beat, and to the launch of my new integrative therapeutic massage practice, Marta Rose Massage. I am thrilled to be collaborating with Eun Jung Choi and Guillermo Ortega, of Nuad Boran Philadelphia. Eun Jung and Guillermo are Thai bodywork practitioners and dancers, and together we are forming the Germantown Wellness Collective, based in our gorgeous new studio in St. Margaret’s Retreat Center, on the campus of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church located in the heart of Germantown. Through Germantown Wellness Collective, we will offer our services both as bodywork practitioners and as creative artists and makers, as we believe that engagement in both the healing and creative arts are central to holistic wellness and can serve an antidote to despair, pain and alienation.

My practice of integrative therapeutic massage focuses on the potential for compassionate touch to help soothe, heal, and reset our nervous systems, which are so often in over-drive due to trauma, mental illness, chronic pain, various neuroatypicalities (such as ADHD and ASD), and Life in These Times. Pain, both physical and psychic, is a complex and poorly-understood experience, and if you live with any sort of chronic pain you know that everyone has a theory, and often the theories contradict one another. My theory is simple: you have what you need inside you right now to craft a life that is full of meaning and pleasure. I make no claim that I can cure your pain; I can, however, listen carefully to your story. Bessel van der Kolk, a psychiatrist and leading expert in trauma, makes a compelling case that our bodies tell the story of our traumas, which are so often at the root of physical and psychic pain. As a massage therapist, I can help you listen to the story your body is telling, and help you reclaim that story in healing ways.

On this blog, I will offer plenty of evidence-based information about integrative therapeutic massage and mental health, chronic pain, trauma, neurodiversity and much, much more. I will also share with you my own story of healing, a tale that involves marriage and divorce and children and dogs and art and making and mental illness and recovery and neurodiversity and embodiment and queerness and an on-going struggle against the collective narcissism of white supremacy and misogyny and the life-sucking tyranny of the Protestant work ethic! 

I hope you will check back often, and please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see me address in a future blog post!

Until then, hang in there, and be well.