Integrative Therapeutic Massage

I only offer one sort of massage: the massage you need, now.

My massage therapy practice is very simple: no smorgasbord of services and add-ons, no up-selling, just thoughtful, detailed attention to your needs and goals. After I’ve spent some time listening to your story, together we will design a massage tailored to your specific well-being. In each session I draw on my training and skills in Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, sports and/or prenatal techniques, and I may also integrate elements of Thai massage as well as aroma- and hydro-therapy.


Services & Fee Schedule


Sixty Minute Integrative Therapeutic Massage $75

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Six Session In-home Series


Buy at least 6 massage therapy sessions and I will leave a small table in your home and bring my services to you at your convenience!


Ninety Minute Integrative Therapeutic Massage $115


Six Session Intensive Series


The benefits of massage can increase significantly with frequency, especially as a way of kick-starting nervous system regulation and pain management. This series offers 6 session to be used in 8 weeks with a 25% per-session savings.